Happy Clients of Fascinating Monsters

We got thumbs!

Stacey Donelson, L.Ac. says:

I highly recommend Fascinating Monsters!
Rick is fabulous, honest and very good at what he does. He puts up with my ancient coding knowledge and is always there to help when needed. He thinks ahead and outside of the box and just last week managed the moving of all of our websites to a secure and affordable hosting site. He’s responsive and professional and we’re in beginning discussions about updating our clinic website. He’s “in-the-know” design-wise and has an amazing eye.

Stacey has been a client since 2014.

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Scott Grimmer

Put your faith in Fascinating Monsters.
I saw Rick’s advert for WordPress help on a Buenos Aires expat forum on Facebook. I contacted him; he responded almost immediately. Even though I was having problems with my WordPress site that I couldn’t solve, I took a while to get back to him. When I finally did, he pitched me his plans and I signed up. I’m glad I did, since all the trouble I’d been having — database connection errors; I couldn’t even post reliably! — went away once he convinced me to move from HostGator to Flywheel, and that took a while because I was skeptical.

I’m an entrepreneur, and my site gets almost 1 million visits a month. It’s a niche site, but because of my traffic I’m able to travel the world for almost free. I created this unique business myself, so I’m a bootstrapper and very confident. But I don’t know everything.

That’s my advice to other small business owners out there: Don’t think you know everything. There are WordPress professionals like Rick and Fascinating Monsters able and willing to help you achieve your dreams and take care of all the technical stuff for you. I never talk to Rick anymore since we set everything up. He takes care of everything and my site runs like a song with no downtime! What a relief!

(He asked me to put in a disclaimer that he didn’t design the site. Haha. I’m still pondering whether or not to let him re-design it. If it ain’t broke…)

Oh, and I signed up again before my first contract was even up. Didn’t want the prices to go up and miss out!

Scott has been a client since 2015.

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Ashli Foster says:

Fascinating Monsters have been invaluable to me and my business.
I am a small business owner with little “IT” background, Fascinating Monsters have been invaluable to me and my business. Initially they set up my website. I was so impressed I signed up for the annual support plan, and later took advantage of an amazing opportunity to update the site’s design for almost nothing! So this was a very smart move on my part. I have very little time to waste figuring out WordPress and Rick and his team were always there to help me out so I can focus on my business. I have referred Fascinating Monsters to several colleagues and plan to continue.

Ashli has been a client since 2013.

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Natalia Garcia says:

Don't think twice!
When I approached Rick our site looked like something from 2001. We knew we needed to update but weren’t knowledgeable enough about WordPress, or about the web in general, to make a decision.

When Rick took over, we immediately felt like we were in good hands, even when we asked silly questions or were really, really confused.

Sometimes he was strict with us, sometimes gentle, but he always did the right thing. And now we are so very proud of our site!

If you need someone to hold your hand but also to tell you the truth, hire Fascinating Monsters. If you want a WordPress expert, but also a PEOPLE expert, hire Fascinating Monsters. (So excited that he has expanded his business!)

Rick has been with us for a while and we’re not going anywhere.

Further English has been a client since 2015.

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Lauren Dulberg says:

I highly recommend Fascinating Monsters!
I highly recommend Fascinating Monsters! I am incredibly technologically de-clined and they are able to sort through my thoughts and help me organize my to-do list for my site and have been an incredible asset to my businesses in Buenos Aires and New York. Lauren has been a client since 2013.
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Nicole Kellner says:

Many compliments on it!
Thank you so much again, Rick, for my website!! I have been getting many compliments on it! I feel like you found my personality and laid it out nicely. Thank you for ALL your patience working with my and consistently staying on top of communication.

Nicole has been a client since 2014.