WordPress Maintenance for Everyone

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WordPress Maintenance for You

Personalized support and unique-to-you solutions

WordPress maintenance sounds awfully boring, doesn’t it?

Sure, we’ll keep your site running smoothly and looking fresh.

But we’ll also provide solutions to take your business to the next level.

We’ll get to know your site on a first-name basis.

WordPress maintenance picks up where your designer left off.

You may not have experience with WordPress. Maybe you have no interest in it.

Perhaps you want to add features to your site and don’t know how.

It could be that graphic isn’t quite right, but you’re not a designer.

WordPress maintenance frees you to develop your business, not your coding skills.

Your last developer isn’t answering your e-mails anymore. More than frustrating, ultimately, “left hanging” is not a very comfortable place to be.

We can help.

24/7 Uptime

We keep your site up

and running smoothly.

Pro Firewall

We defend your site in real time

as new threats are discovered.

Site Backups

We back up your site
and store it for safe-keeping.

SEO Optimization

We audit your site so
it places well on Google.

Site Speed

We supercharge your site

so it loads as fast as possible.

Technical Support

We’re always here

when you need us,

rain or shine.

Design &

We’re your very own

WordPress Team.


We add features that
your designer forgot,
but we didn’t.